Improve Your Vision Naturally with Yoga

Usha Chengappa says the eyes are windows to the soul, in fact they are one of the most sensitive and intelligent parts of the body. They are responsible for 90 percent of all the information you get throughout your lifetime. Yoga expert Usha Chengappa shows us some Asanas which will help repair your eyes.

In Yoga we first bring blood flow to the part we want to work on or heal. The what we’re going to do is very specific exercises for the eye in which healing comes naturally. Your thumbs are just pointers that say you want to look here. First we’re going to start a very important thing called palming. Start by rubbing your hands together. Create lots of energy and heat in your palms. Then take your hands and place them on your eyes until the heat is totally absorbed by your eyes. This is energizing the eyes.

If you are staring at the computer all day this is a must for you.

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  1. Kasandra says:

    This is a great exercise. When I was taking Wing Chun years ago we did this before every class. I had forgotten about it until now so I am glad I came here.

    Two other things that really work well for me are Ocuvite (Adult 50+), a vitamin supplement and Systane eye drops. Ocuvite contains Lutein 5mg and Zeaxanthin 1mg which most eye vitamins have but there are many other ingredients in Ocuvite that the others don’t have like Copper which is really important for eye health. Sustane (Ultra) was recommended to me by a friend who is a retired chemist from Johnson & Johnson laboratories. He said the ingredients best matched the eye’s own solution. All I can say is it works great for me, I mean I can really tell the difference, especially after taking for a week or so.

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