Corona Investigation Committee

Patric Bet-David interviews Dr Reiner Fuellmich of the German Corona Investigative Committee about investigations into the world-wide Corona Virus situation.

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  1. Herschel Kitchens says:

    This is a good article have had some inklings that some hanky panky has been going on about this virus i firmly believe i had this virus in may 2019. There will be a lot of trillions made off this virus and more control placed on people.

    • Kev.W says:

      On, search Dr Andrew Kaufman – Choc’s Postulates and you will see exactly what the problem of ‘Germ Theory’ is. Hmm… THEORY? Yes, virology is based only on a theory. PCR test cannot test for viruses, even its inventor, Karry Mullis said that. He also discovered HIV has never been isolated as the cause of any disease. By now, you should know that. It is a year since your post.
      1 year on, unfortunately, most people are beyond help. Mass brainwashing, together with pushed vaccinations. Just look at the latest Omicron variant – an anagram of the word Moronic! They continue to mock us, and if you come to the realisation that, at least covid-19 itself was always a hoax then the bigger question needs answering. What are the vaccines supposed to do if there is no virus? Pls go watch Andrew Kaufman and not just 1 video. Thomas cowan thinks in the same way. He even goes deeper.
      this is 5 months old: Dr Kaufman on Chocs Postulates, how viruses are currently claimed to exist, and how they should be isolated, for proof

      • Kev.W says:

        BTW, Karry Mullis, who said HIS own invention, the PCR test cannot test for viruses accurately enough, conveniently died near the end of 2019. With him gone they could then use the PCR test to test ALLLLL the positive and negative cases.

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