Pyrroluria Or Hemopyrrollactam Uria (HPU)

Polly: Bill Walsh (Pfeiffer Treatment Center, Naperville, IL) and Hugh Riordan (BioCenter, Wichita KS) found that a significant subgroup of patients with ADHD and Autism has pyrroluria high levels of pyrroles in the urine. Pyrrole is a toxin that interferes with liver detoxification and with heme production. When pyrroles are elevated, there will be a very high requirement for zinc and B6. You can get a urinary screen for elevated pyrroles for $32 from BioCenter Laboratory in Wichita. (800) 494-7785. Collect the urine with the child off all zinc and B6 supplementation for two days prior. Put the specimen in the provided transport tube, freeze it, and ship it in dry ice overnight, with it scheduled to arrive mid week. Keep the specimen away from light.

Tessa, from the forum, alerted us to a Dutch book (June 2000) on pyrrolurics called Heeft u HPU? or Do you have HPU?. (HPU is an acronym for hemopyrrollactam uria, which is also called pyrroluria.) It is a popular version of a scientific book called Pyrroluria by Dr. John Kamsteeg. There are plans for an English translation. This is a website with a little information in English about the book. These are some symptoms of HPU as listed in that article.

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  1. The book on pyrroluria (HPU and then…?) has been translated several years ago in several languages (English, French, Danish, German It is only available on DVD in order to avoid high shipping costs.
    But if there is a request we can print this in a few weeks, because it has an ISBN-Number for books as well. It can be ordered by sending a mail to [email protected] or [email protected] with your address. The Price is Euro 13,45.

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