Phosphates and ADD/ADHD

Polly: In the book The Hidden Drug, Dietary Phosphate: Cause of Behaviour Problems, Learning Difficulties and Juvenile Delinquency by Hertha Hafer, she points out that phosphates in our diets have been increasing, especially in processed foods and soft drinks. Reduce phosphate intake can help some children with ADD/ADHD. When ADD/ADHD children were challenged with capsules of a buffered 75 mg PO4 (a very physiological form of phosphate), some of the children reacted quite violently to the phosphate with relapses of their previous symptoms that lasted for days. See, and look in newsletter issue 6. (Excess phosphates seem to be a problem in some cases of fibromyalgia too. It may have something to do with a yeast toxin called tartaric acid that is high in phosphates.)

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