Liver-Gallbladder Flush

Polly: It is very important that the flow of bile from the liver to the gallbladder and then to the intestines is not obstructed. The liver mixes (conjugates) toxins with taurine, sulfate, glucuronide, glutathione, acetate or glycine and then dumps the waste into the bile for disposal. Without a free flowing system, you lose efficiency. To keep the bile flowing freely, you try to prevent the formation of gallstones. Adequate B6 and the sulfur amino taurine will help. [19]

There are several liver flushes that can clean out the liver ducts and gallbladder. Most use lemon juice and olive oil taken just before bedtime. The olive oil stimulates the gall bladder and bile duct to contract and expel gall-stones. Some of the flush protocols add Epsom salts to relax the bile ducts and help the elimination. Many flush procedures call for drinking lots of apple juice for the week preceding the flush to loosen the stones. Some people must agressivlely use herbs and juice to loosen the stones and then use quite a few flushes.

Jane: I’ve been rubbing castor oil on my abdomen to help heal my bowels and get them moving. Some days, it helps. I put some a couple days ago over and beneath my liver. I had a snack before bed too, probably too much. Anyhow, woke up feeling nauseous, clammy, sweating, and the urge to have a bowel movement all at once. Today, a couple days later, it is sore right beneath my liver area. Should I do a gallstone cleanse?

Polly: Just this morning, I read that castor oil packs over the liver can act to clear out gallstones. So, it sounds like you were already experiencing a gallbladder/liver cleanse. Bile is also a laxative. Jane, sometimes gallstone cleanses are pretty hard on the body. Ask your doctor what he thinks of it in your case.

Jane: Polly, what if the sugars in the apple juice make you feel odd, and probably feed the fungus? Do you know if anyone with candida can really do the gallstone cleanse because it requires juice?

Marilyn in Seattle: There was a person at our forum who didn’t want to drink all that apple juice and took malic acid instead. Plain malic acid isn’t that easy to find, but it can be purchased from this website:…oductID=77

My MD gave me the recipe for a liver flush tea:

1 tsp. Fenugreek Seeds

1 tsp. Fennel Seeds

1 tsp peppermint leaves

4 slices Ginger root cut 1/8 inch thick

1 tsp flax seed

Boil the ginger root three minutes in 1 1/2 pints water. Add the other ingredients and let steep 10-15 minutes. Strain before drinking. I have some more recipes for liver support that I can post later. There is tons of information on liver flushes on dejanews. Do a power search, and all kinds of information come up.

Polly: Dr. Kelly states that apple juice, malic acid, or ortho-phosphoric acid acts as a solvent in the bile to weaken adhesions between solid globules. The ortho-phosphoric acid that he recommends can be purchased from DEWS. If you purchase this, also ask DEWS for a copy of Dr. Kelly’s liver-gallbladder flush protocol, or the article is on the net at (Do a search for the liver-gallbladder flush section of this article.) To help relieve the nausea that sometimes accompanies this procedure, Dr. Kelly suggests trying 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice after taking the olive oil. He also suggests one hydrochloric acid tablet at bedtime, and/or a hot water bottle over the liver (under the right ribcage) during the night to help relieve the nausea.

Softening the stones before the flush should make the procedure much more effective and safe. If a stone is large and gets stuck in a duct, this may send you to the hospital. (If you and your doctor are particularly concerned, you can get an ultrasound before the procedure to find out the extent of the problem.) The flush described at this site, (phone 416-248-2930), uses an herb called gold coin grass to soften the stones before the flush. You can also use apple pectin to soften the stones.

One of my doctors suggested that I do a liver-gallbladder flush. However, I’m the original chicken, and haven’t tried it yet. He did start me on something to “toughen” the ducts before I try the flush. It is just a few grains of Colefilaxe each day. Colefilaxe is a mixture of magnesium sulfate, peptone, rhubarb, and tartaric acid. Menper Distributors sell it, phone 305-551-7204. I asked him if I could just use Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), and he said no, to use the Colefilaxe.

The toxins flushed out of the liver will end up in the intestines. Some of these toxins might be reabsorbed. Therefore, for some people, the liver flush may be very harsh. I would assume it would depend on the type of toxins coming out and whether or not the gut was particularly “leaky.”

Linda in Virginia: I did a liver flush on the weekend. All seemed to go well. About 60 or 70 “stones” came out. However, since then whenever I eat I experience nausea part way through the meal. I thought it was a fluke at first, but this is day three and I am still having the same problem. What have I done to myself now? Just wondering if anyone else had this happen or has any ideas.

Dean: Linda, for what it’s worth, when I did my liver cleanse with lemon juice and olive oil I just got nauseated and sick within 8 hours. I read in Hulda Clark’s book that you will get sick doing a liver cleanse if you have parasites and don’t kill them first. Just a thought if you had not considered parasites.

Linda in Virginia: Were you nauseous after drinking all the stuff the night before? I lay down after the olive oil/grapefruit mixture and thought it was going to come back up. I hardly slept all night. I was sooo nauseous the next morning. I felt much better after a bowel movement. The nausea stopped. My question is, what does Hulda Clark mean by feeling sick? Should we not feel sick after drinking all that goop? Or, does she mean the next morning? I thought I had taken care of the parasites. That is why I am asking. Thanks, Linda

MM: Linda, I think that I felt somewhat nauseous after my flush too. I tried to minimize the fats that I was eating, thinking that I was lessening the strain and stress on my liver. I think (hope) that you are all right, and that things will “right” themselves with adequate time given for healing. Remember that our livers probably are under lots of stress, and so will heal more slowly that those for “normal” people.

Linda in Virginia: I had dinner last night and did not experience the nausea, so maybe things are improving.

Later — Dean: After about 7 days on the ParaGone by Renew Life parasite cleanse program I thought I was ready to try the liver cleanse again. Same lemon and olive oil mixture as I tried before. Big mistake, 10 hours later I felt worse than before. I was real close to going to the emergency room, I felt so bad. No cramps, just flu symptoms, nervous, fever, etc. It’s been about 12 hrs. Since that happened and I am starting to feel a little better. Forgot to mention I had added (per the dosage on the bottle) 30-40 drops of Milk Thistle twice during the day before the bad feelings came on. I felt bad right after the second time I took the drops of Milk Thistle so I am sure this didn’t help any either.

I have been told by Renew Life, the manufacture of ParaGone (the parasite program) to stay in bed, drink lots of water, and don’t eat anything for a while. It seems that a lady named Terrie at Renew Life had the exact same thing happen with the same lemon/olive oil liver cleanse being taken during the ParaGone program and did end up in the hospital because of cramps.

Linda in Virginia: Hi Dean. Sometimes this stuff gets very confusing. I am sorry you had such a rough time with the liver cleanse. I had a scary moment like that when I tried to fast. I thought I would have to go to the hospital. It is no fun. What we try to do in the name of getting well!

I think we all deserve to be called candida warriors because that is what we are. We are on the front lines fighting this battle alone. How many of us have been called kooks, can’t find the help we need, etc. We have had to struggle, trying all solutions no matter how sick it makes us. I don’t think we could find anyone with more courage, strength and willpower than we have. And along with that I would like to add empathy. I have found this forum and my multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) support group to have the most caring people I know. I guess illness can bring out the best or worst in people. I have only met the best. So proudly we battle on. I hope you are feeling better soon.

John: I am much healthier after doing liver flushes. I had assumed my only problems were GI tract and sinus. I had even gone to 3 or 4 sinus specialists. There was no help there. It took months before I allowed myself to consider that my liver might be a problem.

I had seen liver flushing discussed by people on another other list, and found the curezone website that way, The curezone website has information on several different liver flushes. I chose to do the Hulda Clark liver flush. With this first liver flush, I got tons of stones — hundreds of large stones. I felt a relief that I had not felt in years. The relief lasted only a week, but the experience opened my eyes. So I did more cleanses using the Clark method.

After the fourth liver cleanse, something wasn’t right. I asked Andreas Moritz (in his curezone forum) about my condition. He told me to stop juicing my food and that I had a stuck stone. I stopped juicing and felt much better. I got the stone unstuck from my colon. It was a huge stone. I then knew that Andreas really knew his stuff. On his advice I got two professional colonics, which got out tons of crap (no pun intended). It really helped. I also bought a home colema system to use before and after flushes. No more stuck stones for me!

It took some time to open up to what Andreas said on his list every day. But I took a chance, spent $7 bucks on his book, “Key to Health” and it turned out to be the best $7 I ever spent. Before I knew it, I was well on my way to regaining my health. I got all chemicals out of my life: soap, dryer sheets, deodorant, creams, toothpaste — everything I could think of. I exercised. I ate a whole foods diet. I worked on my happiness and generally cared about myself. I also continued the liver flushes. After about 5 flushes, I was rid of the Candida and sinus problems. However, I continued with the flushes because I was still passing stones.

I’ve now done 17 flushes. Initially, I spaced them two weeks apart. Later I did them once a month. It seemed to be better for me to take a longer break. I could really tell when it was time for another flush. I have heard that 10 flushes are average to get all the stones out, but this depends on how sick you have been. I have heard of occasional bad experiences. Most of the time, these people were not doing colon cleansing after a liver flush.

Polly: Chi’s enterprises has an herbal product that may help dissolve the gallstones. It is called Debile. (800) 457-5708 or website

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