Introduction to PaidaLajin

PaidaLajin means Paida (patting and slapping body areas) & stretching (Lajing). It is used successfully for many diseases and helps improve health naturally and holistically. PaidaLajincan helps you relieve or even self-heal pains and diseases without the worry of side effects and you can also enhance your energy.

PaidaLajin is not a medical treatment which means you can do it anywhere at any time. It is more like a lifestyle such as Yoga. We look at disease as blockages in the Chakra (Indian), Meridian (China) or energy fields. PaidaLajin unblocks these areas or channels and allows the body to heal and balance. Paida and Lajin are the most direct methods in this regard, which explains their miraculous effects in dispelling various pains and diseases.

By activating the body’s innate self-healing power, PaidaLajin These seemingly simplest methods, when genuinely practiced, promise to reward you with much more than better physical health.

Regardless of what disease one has, he/she must first ignore its name. Please note that it is the name not the disease itself that should be ignored. Diseases are named mostly according to one of the symptoms and therefore a disease name is only one of the many symptoms, or just the tip of an iceberg. There are likely more severe underlying diseases doctors or patients are unaware of.

Please watch this video by Donald Wong introducing PaidaLajin. It reveals some of the simplest truths about the human body and how diseases originate.

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