Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT has come on a long way since the lateĀ founder Dr. Roger Callahan cured Mary’s water phobia in the 1980s. Since then energy-pioneers such as Gary Craig and others have created their own versions that many people use today.

This is a demonstration of the standard EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, by Gary Craig and his daughter Tina Craig.

“While using EFT we will be tapping then we will insert your phrase. And the phrase goes like this. Even though I have, then there is a blank that you fill in. Then say I deeply and completely accept myself. And in the blank you fill it with whatever the issue is, in this case it’s a sore shoulder.”

“It only takes a few seconds and that is all there is to it. We will go through the sequence of points while you work out the points yourself as you go along with me. If you wish to test the points yourself it would help you memorize them.”

Video #2; Even if you don’t believe it, it will work.

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  1. Casimir says:

    I was introduced to EFT about 15 years ago or so through a complimentary CD by Gary Craig. I have used it with clients, mostly for emotional issues, but it does work with pain and other things a Hypnotherapist would likely treat.

    I did refine the recipe for my purposes and it works very well with buried emotional and relationship issues. After using it for years I have created a few different variations that are a little more advanced. One is a drill-down technique which is good for deeper issues and another trains someone to use EFT with no tapping.

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