Fluoride and Autism

Polly: If you look up fluoride on the net, you will find many who feel that it contributes to children’s attention deficit reactions. Doris Rapp, MD, who wrote Is this your Child?, suggests that you test your child’s reaction to fluoride. See how he/she acts after all sources of fluoride have been removed. Besides toothpaste and fluoride prescriptions, you often will find fluoride in the municipal water, some well-waters, mouthwash, commercial soups, pesticides, and packaged juices made from concentrates.

Linda: In case you’re living in a fluoridated area, I should tell you that my autistic son improved profoundly when I stopped bathing him in fluoridated water. About 2/3 of the contaminants that get into the body from water go through the skin, including fluoride. Some foods and drinks can be very high in fluoride too so it pays to educate yourself on what foods to avoid.

The most affordable water filters I know of are available on http://www.needs.com. They have bath and shower filters that can remove fluorine and chlorine. They are made of copper and zinc so you don’t get undesirable exposure to aluminum. I use the bath ball and put Epsom salts in the bath because fluorine is very attracted to magnesium and bonds with it instead of being absorbed. You can get a bath ball for less than $40 and throw it away once a month. In a fluoridated place filters only get all the fluoride for a month or two. It’s not a perfect solution but it helps.

But the best thing of all is to move to a place where your water supply is unfluoridated. I tried to live with filtering bath water for a whole year in Tempe and it was exhausting and expensive. My son was a real water baby before I figured out that the fluoride was poisoning him. He thought nothing of spending an hour a day playing in the bath, and he loved swimming pools. He stopped stimming immediately when I stopped putting him into fluoridated water — I mean within DAYS. His foggy little eyes cleared, he became alert, centered and focused. It was really amazing. Fluoride was also causing chronic diarrhea and digestion problems before I got him off it. We also both had allergies and asthmatic wheezing from it.

I wrote to a toxicologist at the EPA at the time and described for him what had occurred and he told me that he wasn’t surprised, that he had been trying for years to get fluoridation stopped without success. But he keeps trying. As do others. I guess industry lobbyists are what’s keeping it in our water. Nothing else makes sense to me.

Polly: Did he stop stimming when you filtered the water or when you moved to the nonfluoridated area?

Linda: My son stopped stimming when I started bathing him in filtered water. This was in Tempe Arizona, which uses fluosilicic acid in their water. We didn’t move to a non -fluoridated area until many months later.

If you aren’t sure about your water supply, here’s a site of a dental school that will test your water for $15.00. http://www.tambcd.edu/sterile/#fluoride

Polly: Note, when using the bath ball, swish it around in the water and then remove it before adding in Epsom Salts. Otherwise the Epsom Salts may ruin your bath ball. Also, people suggest using the bath ball to remove chlorine, especially when you are using NDF. NDF chelates heavy metals. However, the NDF isn’t as effective when there is excessive chlorine in the body. NDF will attach to the chlorine instead of the metals.

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