Chelation Isn’t The Only Answer

Shelley: There are other methods of detoxing mercury too, like saunas, losing weight, and C drips.

Polly: Yes, I spoke with one person who got well and he only did saunas and mega-vitamins. He spent 3 or 4 hours in the sauna each day for a year. (If you try this, get professional help, and make sure you replace minerals like salt and potassium that will be lost. Take a shower immediately after the sauna to wash off the toxins before they irritate the skin or get reabsorbed.)

Marilyn in Seattle: I have had the infra-red sauna for 2 months now and it makes me feel *good*. I am taking it slow. When I stay in too long at too high a temperature, I get increased symptoms, but when I am careful/patient, it makes me feel so much better. I can lift my feet up better now, and my legs don’ t feel so heavy. I think this is my magic detox route— I couldn’ t handle anything else. Two months use is a good indication that I will be able to stick this method through.

I just got the book Pain Free in 6 Weeks by Sherry Rogers, MD and she gives some instructions for doing saunas safely that coincides with my experience. Rogers calls these saunas miraculous, best thing she has seen for detoxing the poisoned in 35 years of medicine.

Ros in Australia: Amino acids can alter the cells’ ability to release and retain certain things. This is one reason why the cells retain heavy metals. Our biochemist’ s experience has been that the cells begin to release the heavy metals when the amino acid imbalance is treated. I know this is true because with only two months of amino acid balancing and no other treatment, my son’s heavy metal levels decreased dramatically (some back to within normal limits). Aluminum was the only metal that had not budged. Our doctor had guessed on the basis of family history that aluminum would remain a problem. She was absolutely right. Our doctor then clobbered the aluminum with some homeopathics. (She is a MD/surgeon, plus naturopath, homeopath and herbalist.)

So far, our doctor’ s treatment plan seems to be vastly improving things. The last pediatric assessment showed our son only on the mild end of the autistic spectrum now, and the autism is fast disappearing. Hopefully, after today’ s consult we will move to the next treatment phase, but this will depend on her assessment of whether he is strong enough to take this on yet. This next treatment phase will directly attack a strep infection. (Our son does not have an “ active” strep infection, but live blood analysis has shown lots of this bug floating around in his system.) Our son’ s strep tested resistant to all six major forms of antibiotics. So she is going to treat the infection with homeopathics and Chinese herbs.

Polly: So bringing the body back into balance allows it to dump many of the metals. Maybe that is why some of the autistic are dumping metals when they are given TTFD (coenzyme B1). It would be wonderful if the drug chelators became unnecessary or obsolete.

Marilyn: There is another coenzyme form of B1 called Benfotiamin or Benfotiamine (Sbenzoylthiamine- O-monophosphate) from Advanced Orthomolecular Research. The literature states that it increases the effectiveness of metal chelators and that it is more bioavailable than TTFD. This is one place to purchase it. See or phone 1-877-402-5450

2009 update — Polly: Please look up Stan Kurtz and how anti-virals helped his child even though the child’s viral titres were not measured as high. His kid started dumping the metals with this treatment. No chelation was needed or used. He has noticed that the treatment will cause a flare in yeast problems, so anti-fungals will also have to be employed along with the anti-virals.

Also look up biofilms. These may trap the metals. Fibrolytic enzymes (like nattokinase, serrapeptase and lumbrokinase) can break these biofilms down. Thus they can help the body release the heavy metals from the biofilms. These enzymes also allow the body’s immune system to recognize and more effectively fight the viruses and other infections. In order to break down the biofilms and stop their creation at the same time, some practitioners use a combination approach. They use anti-virals, fibrolytic enzymes, chelators, anti-fungals and something to absorb intestinal heavy metals — all at the same time.

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