Biological Dental Visit Part 2

conintued — Shelley: Also I made a note to check out Weston Price, DDS. I guess he was on to something once-upon-a- time, but all these guys are much maligned these days. (Note: information on Weston Price is available through the Price- Potter Nutrition Foundation, phone 800- 366- 3748 or 619- 574-7763)

One last thing. I left the best for last. I saw a live video of the bacteria in my mouth. I haven’ t been the same since. It was my slide, under a microscope hooked to a video monitor. I knew the mouth harbors all sorts of horribles so I went in prepared…or so I thought. It was amazing. I think it must be something like the live blood analysis that Linda (in Virginia) was talking about. There was a chart of showing levels from healthy bacteria levels to really bad awful levels. I was way in the bad. I could see white blood cells and all these “ swarms” of bad stuff (“swarms” was her word). Here is what the chart said. “ Slide shows a high level of bacterial activity. The bacteria has become organized and protozoa are visible. Protozoa are one-celled organisms, much larger than bacteria. The white cells are not successful in fighting this off.” There were also spirochetes, and rods— all sorts of stuff. *But*, this is what got me most. I could see my red blood cells and they didn’ t look round. They looked like meteors. This is thought to be a marker for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! (my little lay brain thought). I asked her why the red blood cells looked like this. She said they were malformed from a losing battle…all chewed up by this stuff. So then I asked why they haven’ t hooked this together with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She said this was just dentistry. I guess experts don’t pay attention to dentistry?

So there is my full report, flawed as I’m sure it must be. Lesson of the day? Go to a good dentist. Find money. (I’m still working on that. My next visit I must use a credit card. But after seeing that slide, I don’ t care). Try and make sure the dentist is in touch with your MD for IV drips. My dentist will have my treatment plan for me tomorrow when I go in for a debridement. (I gather a debridement is a very intense form of gum cleaning. She said my mouth has to be less full of garbage to be able to be safely worked on. Oh joy. I will ask her and my doctor this week about the effect on my overall health throughout this process. That short-term memory loss was kind of a scare.

My doctor, having heard the dentist’ s preliminary report, said that there was no need for me to do a DMPS challenge. I would just get sick and it is obvious my teeth are full of mercury. I’m so glad. I really didn’t want that test…yet. So on and on we go…Love to all who got here.

Marilyn in Seattle: Thanks Shelley for posting this! This dentist sounds way more advanced than the one I saw. My dentist was kind of low-tech, although I think his skill level was very good. There was no problem with replacement fillings, no pain after root canal removal…but he certainly didn’ t have microscopes, etc.

I am so overjoyed to hear this about the IV-C drips, but I am also getting ticked off about the lack of real concrete information in some areas. Why don’ t they know if DMPS crosses the blood brain barrier? This should be pretty fundamental instead of this grand debate as to whether it can cross the blood brain barrier or not. Why don’ t they **know?** My first Naturopathic Doctor (ND) said that DMPS does not cross the blood brain barrier, but after about 7 shots of it, mercury starts to leave the brain on the principle that the body likes to keep mercury evenly distributed throughout the body. He studies every year with Klinghardt. But of course this is the ND who didn’t even make sure I was on a high fiber diet, so how much do I trust his “ knowledge” ?

I am with your doctor— I think DMPS is dangerous, especially for the very ill. After all, for some reason, some of us accumulate mercury more than others, the pathways for removal seem to be less efficient. So giving someone an IV of DMPS and expecting their systems to deal with it effectively seems overly optimistic to me. It took me months to come out of my DMPS experience and then I re-flattened myself with Nystatin. All of which reinforced this less than ideal ability of mine to get liberated mercury out of my system. So far the IV drip vitamin Cs are the only thing that haven’ t further poisoned me.

I am more and more wary of chelators unless you know that your body can handle a flood of mercury into your body. My gut feeling is that I have to just do the IV-Cs and build up some strength and then perhaps do colostrum for the IGF-1 growth factors and the growth hormones. One lady I know that has just about fully recovered from mercury poisoning had shots of IGF-1. IGF-1 stimulates nerve repair, but the shots were horrendously expensive and not covered by insurance. Some growth factors seem to be necessary post removal and post detox.

I can’ t walk into a dentist’ s office anymore where there is mercury present for I can barely walk out. (Editor’ s note: Marilyn has MS.) My coordination goes right kablooey, just like I ate a bunch of tuna fish. (Tuna can be relatively high in mercury compared to smaller fish.) I think my sensitivity quotient went through the roof, either that or I am genuinely allergic to the stuff. Being that affected by something is so weird/scary. My feet started to cross over each other when I went into a dentist’s office and no amount of concentration could correct it. Mind over matter does not always work.

There is some good news from my end— my legs are definitely feeling stronger— this is from the IV-C drips, I am positive. Also, I feel more mental clarity…though concentration is still not what it was. I used to have incredible powers of concentration. But I am going for my 5th drip on Friday, so I think that is not bad results. Also my energy levels are more stable— the afternoon crashes have ameliorated. There is hope for getting over this, albeit progress seems slow. Anyway, even minor progress is cause for joy and more optimism and I am hoping that you find your way with less tribulation than I have managed.

Shelley: Thanks Marilyn…once again this Wednesday at the dentist and then Friday at the doctor’ s I will eeeek (!) out as much information as I can. Especially about the short term memory loss with me. That was truly amazing. For some reason I wasn’ t so much frightened as amazed. It was certainly proof positive. This dentist is so professional and at the same time, so far, so compassionate.

My MD said that he was really “whacked” right after each mercury removal visit to our dentist. I need to ask him what “whacked” means. It is not the best technical term. But it probably describes it accurately. Have you heard or seen anything about amino acid drips after the dental work? My doctor is contemplating them if the C isn’ t enough for me.

I just keep proceeding as if all will fall into perfection with this. I do know when he first spoke to her, he came back and told me that this was “going to take years” for me…with a sheepish kind of grin…not bad— just that it will take a long time. I guess even doctors are allowed to *wish* for “quick fixes.” I may surprise them in a good way. As long as I can stay on the Lamisil and it keeps working I need to proceed to the next step as far as I can tell. Or what? go backwards? No way!

Later – Shelley: Just want to say hi to everyone. Want to tell everyone that since I have had the mercury removed from my teeth, and the one really bad root canal cavitated I am able to tolerate *a lot* more foods than before. The allergies seem way way down and I also can only tolerate about 5 grams of Vitamin C orally now a day instead of the 25 – 35 grams I was taking every day for the past 6 months or so. Oh, and also I don’ t need to take Lamisil every day now either. My doc is speculating that maybe there was a fungal infection in the root canal? I have not done any real chelation efforts YET. I am looking into what and when. My doc wants me to take a DMPS challenge and I am too scared of it to do so. Going to stick with my intuition until further notice! Love to all.

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