Water May Be Misunderstood

The Power of Water – Ed Begley Jr. interviews Sadguru

Water has a memory and remembers emotion says Sadhguru.

Ed Begley Jr. – lifestyle choices for the citizens can you give us some specific examples of. How that manifested itself for sleeping and eating and farming and parenting whether some specific examples of how they lived. In that. In sync with nature.

Sadhguru – Five elements are the ingredients of life. This human being is just a product of these five elements, so is all of creation. The most fundamental aspect of yoga is Bhuta Shuddhi; the cleansing of these five elements: earth, water, wind, fire, and space. So we are essentially talking about 4 elements and their manifestations. We’re living in the space which doesn’t need cleansing but the other 4 elements need cleansing. How these 4 elements be behave within you will determine your health, longevity, psychological balance, spiritual possibilities, mystical excess, everything is determined by how do you keep the 4 elements within your physical system.

72 percent of your body is water, another 12 percent is earth, another 6 percent air, another 4 percent is fire, the remaining is space. If you know how to keep these 4 elements, then your well-being, your health and longevity, your ability to determine how long you should live and when you should leave are 100 percent in your own hands. You become a master of your own destiny.

Today modern science has recognized that water has memory. If you give it a thought, this cup of water, it will remember. If you give it a positive thought or a negative thought, a positive emotion or a negative emotion it actually remembers. We have always been aware of this. So in the far eastern homes, even today in cities. In all of our homes, except those educated in the west, water is treated in a certain way. Never drink water which comes straight from the pipe or fountain. We allways hold it in a brass vessel or a copper basin. We worship the water overnight and leave it there for at least for 8 hours only then consume.

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