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Candida and Estrogen
03-23-2013, 03:37 PM (This post was last modified: 03-23-2013 03:37 PM by archives mgr.)
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Candida and Estrogen
*Author: Cheryl


*Author: Polly
Hi Cheryl, I'll try to help cut through some of the confusion. Candida can make estrogen. Beer has estradiol in it for that reason. So yes, a Candida flare may add to the estrogen burden.

Also, a bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine can add to the estrogen burden, because this interferes with the body's ability to get rid of estrogen. Sometimes, what people think is Candida, is actually a bacterial overgrowth. The symptoms that most suggest bacterial overgrowth are bloating and gas. Of course, you can have both yeast and bacterial overgrowth.

When you remove the ovaries from rats, so they don't make a lot of estrogen and progesterone, then you give them estrogen or progesterone, they found the following: Those rats treated with natural progesterone did not get a yeast problem. Those rats treated with estrogen did.

So, in general, giving progesterone will not cause a problem in an otherwise healthy person. However, people have noticed, that there can be an initial flare of yeast problems when you give progesterone. With time, this problem goes away. I suspect that the progesterone is flushing estrogen out of the body, and this is the reason for the yeast flare.

When progesterone goes into the cell, estrogen comes out mainly in the sulfate form -- attached to sulfate. People have noticed that a lack of sulfates makes the body's response to added hormones unusual. So, sulfates are very important. Sulfates are often low in those with mercury poisoning, because the mercury causes the sulfates to be discarded via the urine. There are probably other conditions where sulfates are low, so even if you aren't mercury poisoned, it is probably good to supplement some sulfates. Epsom salt baths or creams are often used to replenish the sulfates.

Okay, it seems like I may have digressed a bit too much. Yet, all the stuff I just said may help you understand the following. You ask, does progesterone turn into estrogen. The answer is yes, some of it will turn into estrogen, not all of it though. Progesterone protects you from the effects of estrogen. In general, giving progesterone doesn't make you estrogen dominant or cause problems. Yet, if you have low sulfates, or if your liver is having trouble getting rid of hormones flushed out of your system by the progesterone, or if your liver has trouble getting rid of the progesterone metabolites, then you may have some ill effects from taking progesterone.

*Author: Polly
You probably want to know how to get rid of the estrogen dominance. Here are a few things that I've come across that might help.

1. thyroid and adrenal support

2. Diet to reduce yeast and bacterial overgrowth, and supplements to improve intestinal health.

3. Calcium-d-glucarate to stop bacteria from interfering with the disposal of estrogen. (Start very slowly with this and be consistent if you try this. Work up to three pills, three times a day, taken with each meal.)

5. Support liver function, with sulfates, glycine, lipoic acid, rosemary, high quality lecithin, etc.

6. Remove heavy metals from the body. However, before you can safely remove the heavy metals, you need to replenish your minerals stores, especially magnesium and zinc. You also have to get your anti-oxidants levels up. To get your antioxidant levels higher, you take a balance of anti-oxidants, and you also take things to improve methylation, like B12 and folic acid.

7. When you are estrogen dominant, pay particular attention to zinc, B6, folic acid, and B12, because these are depleted by estrogen. P5P is the best form of B6 to use if you have candida overgrowth. If you have mercury poisoning, then methyl-B12 and methyl-folate need particular attention in your supplementation program.

Question: Cheryl, do you have a lot of mercury fillings in your mouth?

*Author: Cheryl
Hi Polly, I had all of the Mercury fillings in my mouth replaced with white ones 6-years ago. Best thing I ever did. I just got my labs back, and my Progesterone is 1.1 and my OBGYN is telling me I don't need said she's only concerned when it drops below 1. Also...I have noticed my body emits a strange odor (almost like ammonia or something weird when I eat sugar or drink wine (very seldom) I took a few epsom salts baths and the odor left immediately. Gonna do this more often! thanks for all the input ;-)

*Author: Polly
Glad you got the mercury fillings removed. You will still have a burden of mercury deposited throughout your body. Lots of minerals and anti-oxidants and protein may help your body deal with it. Also, you will need methyl-folate and methyl-B12 because the mercury interferes with your body turning the folate and B12 into these forms. (Use several times per day.) Sulfates and selenium are depleted by mercury, so pay particular attention to those. Mercury is going to interfere with your thyroid. You may need to get some help there. AFTER your mineral stores and anti-oxidants are replenished, look into the many different products that will pull the mercury out of your body. (You don't want to start those chelators until after your body is prepared to do so.) For now, you could start with some modified citrus pectin. It would mop up the mercury which is in your intestines.

*Author: Cheryl
Polly, Since it's been years since I had them removed,
Do I still need to do this? How will one ever know when they've totally been eradicated from the body? Can Colloidal Silver help with this, and candida?
Thanks again.

*Author: Polly
Some people are lucky, and all they need do is remove the mercury fillings. However, I would suspect that there is still a problem if you have dysbiosis / candida. Mercury interferes with the body's ability to get rid of mercury. Sometimes, you need to give the process a push in the right direction. Short answer, is yes, you still have to worry about this.

*Author: Cheryl
This was very helpful. Thank-you.

*Author: Cheryl
Is there a connection with systemic yeast overgrowth and estrogen dominance? I have been estrogen dominant for the last 3-years and no one can figure it out. I was treated for systemic candidiasis back in 1997 Ifeel like my fungal infection may have returned....Please help!

*Author: Cheryl
ok-upon reading more...I have seen some posts that confirms my suspicions. Does Natural progesterone in some cases convert to estrogen, or only synthetic? I have been on natural progesterone also for the last 3-years. Can this be causing/contributing to my estrogen dominance?

*Author: Courtney
Yes there is a connection as I'm going through the same problem. It might be the reason I can't get rid of the candida problem I've had now since 2001. I've noticed if I take supplements that promote more estrogen like flax oil, evening primrose, fish oil or soy, the candida gets worse. Those supplements are wonderful and I wish I could take advantage of their health benefits, but unfortunately my health gets worse.

I would continue the fight. Keep taking antifungals and probiotics and keep sugar and foods and supplements that promote more estrogen to a minimum. Good luck. I feel your pain.

P.S. - there's a probiotic called Multidophilus 12 by Solary that's VERY good at combating bad microbes in the gut. It's the best one I've ever tried and I've tried a lot of them. I have much more energy when I take them because they combat candida and therefore the toxins that cause fatigue. Just be sure not to get the regular Multidophilus, get the "Mulitdophilus 12" with 12 different probiotic strains.

*Author: Cheryl-Courtney
Hi Courtney, Thank you so much for the reply. Does the stuff you recommended me to try cause any die-off? I may need Diflucan and or Sporanox like I took back in 1995-1198 But I'll try

*Author: Cheryl-Courtney
oh-where Do I find it?? Thanks ;-)
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